Exploring Pillow Covers - An Inexpensive Way to Spice Up a Room

There are some things you should know about pillow covers before decorating your interior with pillows. Having good-quality pillow covers will make your decor elegant and well put together. It will also reflect your inner personality. You must also keep in mind some important things before buying pillow covers. Below are some things to know about pillow covers:

Size of the pillow cover

 It is very important to know the size of the pillow cover before buying it. This will ensure that the pillow cover will fit the pillow inserts properly and stylishly adorn to your interior design. Pillows come in different sizes. The most popular size of pillow for a sofa is 18 * 18 inches, for chair is 20 * 20 inches, for the study is 22 * 22 inches, for office is 24 * 24 inches. In addition to these, other sizes are 12 * 12 inches, 14 * 14 inches, 16 * 16 inches, and 26 * 26 inches. So, you have to choose that size which will be perfect for your space and furniture.


Shapes and Fabrics used 

 The right fabric represents the style of the decor. Cotton, velvet, linen are popular among fabrics used in making pillow covers. In addition to these, other fabrics are suede, leather, polyester, satin, jacquard, and silk. For summer, you should choose cotton and linen for your pillow covers. Prefer suede, velvet, leather, and jacquard in accordance with the color tone of your decor. But if you want a luxurious style of decor, then choose satin and silk for your choice of pillowcase covers.

 The shapes of the pillow cover also play an important role to add elegance to your decor. You can choose various shapes of pillow covers according to the shapes of your pillows. The different shapes of the pillow covers are rectangle, lumbar, round, and square. There is a style in each shape. 

Check the filling of the pillow. Most round pillows are made of foam to get them in the right shape. Some softer pillows include down pillows; however, they are costly, but they pay according to their worth. Polyester is another fabric that is mostly common for a decorative pillow cover. So, better be sure about the filling of your pillow to get the right cover for it.

After knowing the size, filling, fabric for your pillowcase, be specific about the purpose of your pillow covers, whether they are for providing comfort, or for decoration.


Styles of a pillow cover 

 One more thing you should know about pillow covers is their style. It's not always about finding the right color or size of your pillow but also discovering the styles and patterns you want for your pillow covers. There are many themes available in the market for pillow covers like contemporary, victorian, modern or traditional, Asian or Mediterranean, or tropical or beach styles. They give a unique and elegant appearance to your interior. The color and details of the pillow cover gives you the feel of that theme. Pillow covers also come with diverse patterns like animals, birds, aquatic creatures, floral, geometric, and many more.


 Artwork of the pillow cover

Pillow covers are designed considering the factors like theme, fabric, pattern, and finishing. The creativity used in the pillow covers is to give a different vibe to the people. Each element contributes towards the development of an elegant pillow cover whether it is fabric or color. But the actual thing that adorns a pillow cover is its details which also reflects the craftsmanship. Some pillows have patterns of beads in a particular sequence of design. Similarly, the embroidery, arrangement of pearls, and rhinestones are done in such a way to enhance the appeal of the pillow cover. The use of sequins gives the finishing to the covers, ruffles are used to make comforting designs.


Color palettes of pillow covers

The color of the pillow covers represents the psychology and vibes of the owner. Beige, blue, maroon, gray, and brown are the popular colors for pillow covers. Keep these tips in mind while deciding shades for your pillow covers:


  •         The color tone of the space where the pillow is to be fitted
  •         For diverse colors, use the same pattern; use the same colors for different patterns.
  •         Be specific whether you want a warm shade or a cool shade 


Note; find out whether your chosen color is suitable for your fabric, or you should use some different shade and fabric combinations. 


Follow these tips to choose the right shade for your pillow.


Different types of closures for pillow covers

 Below are the types of closures available for a pillow cover:

  •         Envelope closure - The envelope closure is tied up from both sides just like an envelope.
  •         Zipper closure - A zipper closure includes a zipper that secures the insertion of the pillow in the cover. 
  •         Flap closure - In this, a flap is covering the cover. It makes its removal easy.
  •       Drawstring closure - It tightens up the closure of the pillow cover making it securely fit.


The most secure closure among all of these closures is the zipper closure. It is very long-lasting, simple, and easy to use. In addition to this, it works well with pillow covers that are decorative and provides comfort.



It is very important to choose the right pillow cover for your interior. In this article, we have discussed the things you should know about pillow covers. Consider all these factors before buying a pillow cover. Choosing the right pillow cover will not only enhance your decor but also tells a lot about your style, taste, and personality.