How to Style Throw Pillows like A Pro

How to Style Throw Pillows like A Pro


While we all love to decorate our homes and make them as beautiful as possible, sometimes we get a little stuck on how to style throw pillows in our living room or bedroom. While it's always a good idea to have the basics, it's also nice to have some fun with different decorative pieces that can add a pop of color and personality to your home.

Throw pillows are a perfect way to add visual interest and comfort to your decor. We've gathered inspiration for styling throw pillows from around the web and found some great tips for styling these versatile pieces. Keep reading for tips on how to choose the right throw pillow, how to mix and match throw pillows in your decor, and how to create a cohesive look with multiple throw pillows.

Get Ready To Shine

There are two ways to add some metallic decor into your home. One is to go for a textured, edgy finish by adding metal accents such as chandeliers, lamps, and artwork. The other option is to maintain that chic and simple style with metallic accessories such as shoes, purses, and jewelry. I love combining metallic tones in my home with an accent pillow to complete the metallic look. The bold metallic satiny pattern will add depth and color to your space.

Textures in Layers

When it comes to decorating your space, don't be afraid to use different textures. Velvet, silk, and fur all have different weights and textures that can complement each other. Incorporate them in your home decorations to create a cozy yet modern interior.

Pattern Combination: How Do You Do It?

The secret to creating a harmonious-looking space is simple. You just have to find the common thread. I usually use color, but it can also be a texture though. Once you have chosen your common thread, finding how to style throw pillows patterns that relate to it would be easy. I like to mix a solid color with a small-scale pattern and a large-scale pattern; this creates an aesthetically pleasing effect. Another fun pattern is using geometrics with florals, which blends current and classic motifs. In a given space, don't use more than 3 distinct patterns while mixing.

Unless You Want to, Ignore the Rules

Unless You Want to, Ignore the Rules


How will your design stand out with unique throw pillows? Let's break the Rules of Three to find out. We have found that 3 colors work best for most people, but it depends on the individual and their taste. For those seeking a more open-ended design, we suggest starting with a base color, mixing it with a contrasting color, and adding a third shade to complete the trio. Okay, so there are always rules. But sometimes you just got to break them. If you start following the rule of three for your how-to-style throw pillows and find that four colors are the best option for your space, go for it.

Where on the Sofa Should Pillows Be Placed?

What configuration of pillows should I choose for my sofa? Many factors depend on what color and size your sofa is, but in general, I suggest placing pillows at the corners to leave the middle area open for seating. You don't want to place them too close together so that no one can sit on the couch, or too far apart so that there is a lot of space. I like to use even numbers of pillows. I recommend two pillows on one side, and one pillow on the other side of a couch seat. For a larger sofa, I recommend two pillows on each side and two in the middle. This ensures that each part of the sofa has some character in the form of color.

Change the Style and Size of the Cushion

To create a formal atmosphere, it is important to have cushions that are all the same size. However, it is more welcoming to have cushions in many different shapes and sizes such as ovals or oblongs. A good idea for pillow arrangement is using different sizes for a living room or bedroom. A large sofa, for example, should have a 24-inch-square pillow behind and a 22-inch-square pillow in front. For bedrooms, I have been using the same technique: a large-size pair on a king bed and a simple combo on a queen-size bed.

Play With the Pattern of How to Style Throw Pillows


Matching patterns in furniture and decor makes it easier to create a beautiful home, but adding variety brings life to space. If you've already established the mood or style of a space, try incorporating a variety of patterns in furniture and décor as it appears more intentional and well-thought-out. A great way to get started is with throw pillows. Align using your color plan to select accent colors, then mix and match plain plus patterned pillows together in a variety of hues. Perforated fabric is also a modest way to add some pattern dynamic towards the ensemble.

Create an Extremely Different Experience

When decorating, use contrasting colors in narrow spaces to create the illusion of depth. Pastels are also trendy, so think of colors like pink and light gray. Pillows in pastel colors mixed with white or gray make for a comfortable bedroom. If you want to color outside the lines, try pillows with bold prints that can be used outdoors!

What's the best number to use?

Deciding what number of pillows to have on a couch can be challenging. The best solution is to try out different compositions until the arrangement looks pleasing to the eye. Odd-numbered pillows work best for casual living rooms, while even-numbered pillows are good for formal living rooms. The key to finding the perfect how-to style throw pillows is balance. Try various combinations to see which one looks best to you.

Dare To Be Unique

If you're trying to inject some color into your space? Take a deep breath and embrace a neutral color theme. Keeping things neutral will allow you to explore other styles without thinking about matching too many colors.

If you have a bright green rug, go for a more subdued green in the rest of your room. If you have a purple couch, try warmer shades of purple on the walls.


Pillows are the most common purchase, but the things you buy them with can drastically affect them. When shopping for pillows, be sure to think through on how you use them; their weight will affect comfort and how they support.

If you were looking for resources on how to style your throw pillow like an expert but were struggling to find a good one, this article should help.