Three Things to Consider When Buying Beach Towels

Many people do not have the time for buying beach towels and to take some days off from work in a year to go on a vacation. But when they get the time to, some of them choose a beach to visit for their vacations. 

If you are going for a beach vacation, then this article will help you a lot. There are some necessary things that you should take with you to fully enjoy your vacation. One of them is a high quality beach towel.

The beach towel is very underrated when considered as an accessory. But most people who have gone to a beach have gone with at least a towel. You cannot enjoy your beach trip without a good beach towel. So, buying beach towels is the most important step when you are heading for a beach vacation. There are things you should know when considering getting a good quality beach towel. So, we will discuss three main things to keep in mind while shopping for a beach towel.


Factors necessary for buying beach towels:




If you want to buy a towel of great quality, you have to focus on the material. The materials used to make a beach towel plays a significant role in determining its quality and durability. A good quality beach towel should be such that when you touch it, it feels soft. Beach towels also have different types according to their characteristics. Some of them are listed below:


100% Cotton beach towel


This beach towel is manufactured from 100% cotton. The towels which have 100% cotton material are relatively thinner than ordinary towels. They have a little rough surface but they dry you up quickly. That means you will not end up being messy after coming out from the water. This towel not only dries up fast but occupies less space in your packing bags. You will be ready to rock at your beach vacation with a towel made out of 100% cotton. You should buy this type of towel when you are on a trip. 

Egyptian beach towel

Egypt is one of the suppliers of cotton no doubt. An Egyptian beach towel is stronger and much more durable than the ordinary cotton towel. Cotton towels from Egypt are thicker and not too soft to the touch. The cons of this towel is that they are more expensive than the beach towels of different materials, and they will occupy more space in your luggage which are a bit heavy to carry around. They also take longer time to dry due to the fact that they are thicker and have more fiber.


Cotton Velvet

You can also buy a cotton velvet towel while shopping for beach towels. The cotton velvet towels are soft in touch and they are very well woven. One drawback with them is that they have a high number of fibers present per square inch of the surface. For this reason, they take up more space in the bags and a longer time to dry. You could use this towel if you want to lie down as it is thin and soft. 


Microfiber Suede

Our beach towels are made of Microfiber Suede. These are soft to touch and dries quickly.  Our towels are finely brushed and are adjustable in small spaces so you can carry them easily. These towels absorb moisture very quickly, so you can enjoy swimming for a long period of time. The towels are also very gentle to your skin, thus making them comfortable to wear. You can use them while traveling to beaches, after having a shower, and for outdoor water sports.


These are four types of beach towels. When buying beach towels, it is necessary to know the material quality of the towel so that you can have it according to your needs.




The next thing you have to consider is the design of the towel, whether you want a somewhat traditional towel, such as the striped towels, or you want a personalized towel that mentions your name or something related to you. You could have your name or your photo customly designed on the towel, or have a towel with your logo or get as creative with your beach towels as you want. This will give a dashing look to your beach towels and will enhance your appearance while wearing them. 


When looking to buy a high-quality towel, choose one that you can take to the beach several times. Choose a towel that has solid edges. If your towel has solid edges, it means it is woven properly and is more durable.


Look for a towel that is properly dyed. Proper dye of the towel ensures that the color reaches the core of the towel. This makes the towel resistant from fading due to the sun, and the color won't run out when in water. 


A towel with all these qualities will sustain you for a long period of time on your beach trips and will be very helpful to you. Make sure to wash it as per the directions specified on the tag, and your beach towels will last longer than your expectations.




There is no best price for the towels, whether it is cheap or expensive. It's just that the towel with low prices may lack quality and the ones with higher prices are overrated according to their quality. You should prioritize the quality of the towel by looking for water absorption, thickness, comfort, and size of the towel. These four factors are necessary when looking for a good quality towel. 


When you know the qualities to look for in a towel, you will easily find a durable beach towel. There are differences between ordinary towels and towels of high quality. They differ in softness, sturdiness, and stitching. When you are habitual of high-quality beach towels, you will never look back to ordinary towels for sure. 


In this article, we have listed all the main topics to consider while buying beach towels. These factors may vary from person to person. Some prefer to buy a fuller towel; some prefer to buy a lighter towel as it is low weighted and can be easily carried around. So, buy the beach towels that stand up to your expectations and are within your budget, of course. Choose those towels that will be comfortable for your skin and will serve the purpose you want.